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Our Process

Our strategic approach to digital marketing agency projects takes many pathways – as we realize there’s no one-size-fits-all. 

Regardless of where you’re at, or where you’re headed, you can expect to collaborate with us in one or more of the following areas of our process.


Through a series of onboarding questionnaires and a Zoom call, we learn about your brand and the goals you hope to achieve. Together, we brainstorm strategies and solutions to your target audience’s pain points. At the end of the session, you receive a detailed report that summarizes our findings – to ensure nothing was missed.

Brand & Assets

If you have branding already, we complete a brand audit to identify areas for improvement and help you pull it together so we have all the pieces we need to effectively complete the project (including fonts and logos, and other colours and visuals.) If not, we work with you to develop a shiny new brand from the ground up.

User Experience 

In this stage, we present both the wireframes and the sitemap to you – which are both visual representations of what your site structure will look like – guiding us towards success. Here, we identify any issues that arise in terms of customer flow and your marketing funnel and rectify them before moving to the design phase of the digital marketing agency process.


We work with your brand colours and graphics to bring your work to life, and showcase your offering to the world in a way that’s unique to you. At this point, there shouldn’t be too many surprises as we follow the wireframes carefully and implement our agreed-upon strategy for lead/sales conversions.


Once design is approved, we move into the development phase. Here, you’ll see the site in it’s almost finished product. We also do an audit with you of anything that might need to shift and resolve responsiveness and accessibility issues, and work through functional bugs.

Digital Marketing for Website

Here, we work on developing a keyword strategy, copywriting, SEO optimization of your entire site & images, as well as advanced analytics configuration so we can effectively track demographics, conversions, and other important metrics. We also run a site audit both before and after our work is completed to visualize your progress.


We do one more round of testing once the site is live to make sure nothing has shifted in the launch, and then you’re good to go! Our clients will often engage in a form of ongoing digital marketing at this stage.

Ongoing Digital Marketing

Once your site is live, we implement ongoing digital marketing strategies that are customized to meet your specific goals. These may include but are not limited to paid advertising campaigns, social media marketing, email marketing, and monthly SEO & analytics reports.